Why 8 Visits  

When we service your lawn frequently we are able to assure optimum health and beauty. The time between visits will vary depending on weather conditions and Texas seasons.

What makes Turfgrass Healthy for Us?  
  • Turfgrass reduces noise levels by 25%

  • Healthy Grass lowers the ground temperature by 20 degrees

  • A healthy lawn reduces glare

  • Allergies are reduced if your lawn is healthy and weeds are controlled

Why do we need Healthy Lawns?  
  • Healthy turfgrass is good for the environment

  • Soil Erosion and Runoff are prevented with healthy turfgrass

  • Healthy grass removes pollutants for the air and adds oxygen

  • Turfgrass traps tons of dust and dirt that would be released into the environment

  • Fire risk is much lower if a building is surrounded by healthy turfgrass

Do you service Commercial Properties?  

Yes! We work with many businesses in North Texas and would be happy to visit your office, clinic or shop to give you a quote.

Do you treat for Fire Ants?  

Yes, we offer a Top Choice Treatment with a one year guarantee.