Gypsum Application

gypsum application

Nature's Calling uses Gypsum for Soil Aeration

Our 8 visit plan gives us the best opportunity to know when your soil is becoming compacted and can benefit from a gypsum application. 

There are many benefits to using Gypsum for your soil. Gypsum is calcium sulfate and calcium gives the soil a favorable structure for root growth and air and water movement.

Gypsum also presents the crusting of soil and is extremely beneficial in aiding seed emergence for any areas of you lawn that may need to be reseeded. 

The biggest benefit to a lawn is the way Gypsum can help break up compacted soil and stop water runoff and erosion while also improving proper drainage. This water use efficiency will result in deeper rooting and may even prevent the growth of weeds.

We also offer special treatments at an additional cost like Top Choice Fire Ant treatments with a one year guarantee.