Lawn Grub Control

Lawn Grub Control

Nature's Calling strives to prevent Grub Worm infestations.

Our 8 visit plan is designed to always be one step ahead of
"Junebug" infestations in the North Texas areas we service.
We also offer a one time treatment an an additional cost to protect your lawn investment from grub worm damage.

White Grubs are a common problem in Texas lawns. The adult grub is commonly called a Junebug or beetle. They are attracted to light at night. The larva or grubs are very harmful to grass. The grubs eat the roots and damage the turf so severely it can sometimes be rolled up like a rug.

Summer season grasses like bermudagrass, zoysiagrass, and St. Augustine are most susceptible to infestation of white grubs or June beetles. However, bluegrass and ryegrass are also infected but these cool season grasses are most often attached by May beetles in the spring.

Managing grubs begins with identifying the problem. The appearance of irregular shaped areas of dying grass in the lawn is a symptom we will investigate. There are many grass diseases that can look like a grub worm infestation so we will diagnose the cause of the distressed grass before any treatment is done.

And prevention is always the best plan so our 8 annual visits will give us the best chance to stay ahead of any problems like grub worms in the future. Should we need to treat for an infestation we will give you complete instructions for proper irrigation after treatment for best results.