Lawn Health Assessment

Lawn Health Assessment

Nature's Calling makes a careful assessment of the health of your lawn. You might say we search for what nature is calling for on each visit.

Each of our 8 visits will begin with a full health assessment.

Your lawn will always be calling for something because that's how nature works. Sometimes the health of your lawn is affected by harsh weather conditions like the extreme heat in the summer or the cold in the winter. We will assess the condition of your soil to assure it has been given an adequate supply of water and make recommendations based on what we discover.

We may determine that your lawn needs a weed control treatment that could include a herbicide or any number of natural treatments to control weeds. Remember weeds can not be eliminated as long as the wind is blowing and people and pets are walking on your grass but they can be controlled.

Fertilizer comes in varying combinations from single nutrient treatments to triple combinations. Feeding your grass will ensure a strong root system that will yield a beautiful color when your grass is not dormant. Each of our 8 visits will be different but we will always apply the best application based on what your lawn is calling for and what nature is calling for to keep your lawn healthy.

There is always the possibility we will discover a patch of grass that is diseased or infested with grub worms. But you need not worry about either of those problems because we know how to eliminate damaging worms and reverse the signs of any disease.

And finally, we will check to see if your soil seems compacted and if so we will apply gypsum. According to Wikipedia: "Primarily, gypsum is used for helping to break up heavily compacted clay soils making them more porous and able to absorb moisture. This is particularly helpful in areas prone to drought. The addition of gypsum can promote better drainage and air circulation, which can aid root development and nutrient absorption."

The best part about our routine visits is we never let any particular problem become a huge problem. Each of our 8 visits a year will be tailored to your lawn and we will give you a full report of our findings as well as our treatments at the end of each visit.