Lawn Diseases

Lawn Diseases

Nature's Calling knows the key to dealing with lawn diseases is prevention. However sometimes treatment is necessary and we know how to identify and best fight common diseases.

Our 8 visit plan is designed keep your lawn
healthy and strong enough to avoid disease year round.

When unfortunate lawn disease does appear in your lawn we will use our expertise to first IDENTIFY the Lawn Disease. Not all diseases are treated in the same way.

Common lawn diseases in North Texas include Dollar Spot, Large Patch, Brown Patch, Fairy Ring, Powdery Mildew, and Centipede Mosaic. Here is a little more information about the common diseases we find in this area:

Dollar Spot is caused by a fungus that infects the blades of grass. Dollar Spot thrives in warm weather. The blades of grass are rounded and form a pattern of a silver dollar.

Brown Patch can be caused by insects or lack of sunlight and will appear as circles in various sizes of discolored grass. A cobwebby covering may be seen in the early mornings before the dew dries.

Fairy Ring is a fungus that is spread with high winds, water, humans and pets. The fairy ring of fungus will often be accompanied with mushrooms as well. The result is a ring or a crescent of dead grass surrounded by very green grass.

Powdery Mildew looks a lot like it sounds as the fungi multiply and infect the leaf blade with a white powdery dust. The fungi live in the soil and dead leaves and begin to draw nutrients from the grass causing stress and discoloration.

Grey Leaf Spot is commonly found in St. Augustinegrass but is also found in Bermuda grass and Ryegrass. This fungal disease starts with small brown leaf spots but it expands rapidly into large oval brown or tan spots. A general leaf yellowing may also occur.

After each of our 8 visits we will give you a full report including any detection of disease and how we have treated the problem. If additional watering or less watering is required to best treat the disease, we will let you know. Questions are always welcomed so don't hesitate to ask for more information after our visits. We find that working together with clients always produces the greenest lawn!